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We began eight years ago based on a simple belief: College Football is MORE than the nine or ten teams you here about on television day in and day out. Over the years, some of college football's greatest moments have come courtesy of teams north of the Mason-Dixon line, and west of the Missisippi River.

While there is no doubt that the power teams are worthy of the praise heaped upon them, we believe the true fan cares about the teams, players, and conferences that model the sportsmanship, excellence, and passion that the college game is about at its very core and acknowledges that every team plays a vital role in the game's success.


As a member of the Football Writers Association of America, we have the honor of voting and nominating for some of the game's most prestigeous awards (Lombardi, Eddie Robinson, FWAA All-American Team) and we take that responsibility very seriously. While the majority of those awards may fall to players in the power 5 conferences, it is a priority for us here at to look at players from all schools, despite their conference, size, or level of national coverage.


If you believe the game is at it's best when the playing field is level and you have a deep love for what happens on the field more than the brand, we encourage you to show us your support by following us on Twitter @pigskinpress, and dropping us a line at Oh, and don't forget to check back for new articles often! 



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