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Jerami Hall-USF

The NFL draft is just days away, and by this point each player has been analyzed, scrutinized, and romanticized by every NFL guru from Kalamazoo to Calcutta. We here at turn once again to our director of scouting Nathan Cooper to help us look deeper into the draft at some guys from the group of five that may be a real steal on draft day!

Jeremi Hall College: South Florida

Position: Guard

Year: 5SR

Jersey: #73

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Games Scouted: 2017 #3 Illinois, #8 Houston,

#9 @ UConn (Live), #11 @ UCF 2017 Stats: 12 GP, 12 Starts Career Stats: 40 GP, 25 Starts All-Star Game: N/A


  • Played all 40 games at Left Guard

  • 2017 First Team All-AAC (Coaches)

  • Major in Economics

  • 3-Star Composite in 2013 (247Sports)

Character – A

  • No concerns

Medical – A

  • No concerns


  • Mauler in the run game

  • Very good power and strength

  • Good ability to anchor

  • Does a pretty good job sustaining blocks once latched on


  • Not a great reactive athlete

  • Slow punch

  • Just sufficient awareness and instincts

  • Footwork is slow and slow out of his stance


Hall projects as a Left Guard at the next level, but has the ability to play both guard positions. He does not show the ability to play Tackle or Center, as his feet are too slow. He came into college weighing 380 pounds and redshirted his first season. He played sparingly as a backup the next two seasons before becoming a full-time starter the last two. He has only played at Left Guard during his time at USF. He does not possess great reactive athleticism, but has decent athletic ability for his size. He could stand to lose a few more pounds and get into better shape once getting into the NFL. He shows decent ankle flexion and overall flexibility, but it could be better. He shows good toughness and competes when there is a defender in his way. Hall is an absolute mauler in the run game and is able to keep his feet churning to move his man off the LOS. He plays with great power and strength. He does a good job helping his teammates to knock defenders off course if he doesn’t have an immediate threat to block. He will struggle with balance at time on pulls, but does a pretty solid job getting to the second level and making his block. In the pass game, he is a good pass blocker, but has some technique issues. First of all, he is slow getting off the ball. He will get a foot stepped on by a fellow offensive lineman more consistently than should happen. He stands up too tall and doesn’t keep his feet moving at the POA. He will over-extend with heavy feet at times and gets knocked off of his base too often. When he doesn’t have anyone right in front of him, he tends to stop his feet and gets focused looking in one direction and not have the awareness to always see what is going on around him in all directions. He also has a slow punch and allows the defender to hands on before he is able to use his length. He is constantly trying to get the defender’s hands off instead of initiating contact and dictating the block. Many times he will throw elbows and shoulders into defenders instead of firing his hands to latch on. Hall should be able to come in right away and be a low-end starter at one of the guard positions on his run blocking skill alone. Most of his flaws come because of him being a little out of shape and having a few technique issues. Once he gets in an NFL organization, he shouldn’t have any problem moving around better and fixing those issues.

NFL Comparison: Ramon Foster, Steelers Hall and Foster both have good size and are a little taller than your average interior lineman. They possess strength and show good run blocking skill. With that being said, they have slow feet and hands at the POA and struggle laterally.

Grade: 6.4 (Late 2nd-Early 3rd)

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